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Summer Season Begins in Amasra: An Unforgettable Holiday at Kumsal Apart

Dear holiday lovers,

Summer season has finally started to show itself in Amasra! With the increase in air temperatures, the sea season has opened as of this week. It is the perfect time to discover the unique beauties of Amasra and enjoy swimming in its cool waters.

As Kumsal Apart, we are happy to offer you a comfortable accommodation experience. Our apart hotel, located on Büyük Liman Beach, attracts attention with its magnificent view. You can watch the exquisite view of the Grand Harbor and the marina from our rooms and enjoy every moment. Waking up to the serenity of the sea in the morning and finding peace with the fascinating colors of the sunset in the evening will make your holiday unforgettable.

We are sure that you will have a wonderful holiday with Amasra's historical texture, magnificent beaches and delicious cuisine. This summer, create wonderful memories with your loved ones at Kumsal Apart. We will be happy to host you.

With the opening of the sea season, our reservations are filling up quickly. We recommend that you hurry when making your holiday plans.

Enjoy Amasra at Kumsal Apart and have an unforgettable summer holiday!

With love,

Kumsal Apart

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