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What to eat in Amasra?

Amasra is a historical and touristic city on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Famous for its natural beauties, beaches and fishing village atmosphere, Amasra also draws attention with its delicious local dishes. Now, let's share some special dishes you should taste in Amasra:

1. Black Sea Style Anchovy Pan & Other Fish Varieties

Amasra is famous for its fresh and delicious fish as it has the tradition of Black Sea fishing. Black Sea style anchovy pan is a delicacy that you must try in Amasra. Fresh anchovies are covered with a thin dough, fried and served with lemon.

2. Cornbread

Another special flavor you should taste in Amasra is corn bread. Made from maize flour grown in the fertile lands of the Black Sea, this bread has a unique flavor. It can be a perfect accompaniment when consumed hot.

3. Kale Wrap

Kale wrap, an important part of Amasra cuisine, is another delicacy that should be tasted. Cooked with stuffed rice wrapped in cabbage leaves, this dish is a hearty and delicious option.

4. Corn Soup

Corn soup is also very popular in Amasra, as corn cultivation is common. Made from fresh corn, this soup has a creamy texture and can be a warm start, especially in cold weather.

5. Ravioli

Sinop's famous ravioli, which is located close to Amasra, is also a delicacy frequently consumed in this region. These ravioli, which are made by putting ground meat or cheese into thin dough, are served with yogurt and sauce.

6. Pumpkin Dessert

For dessert lovers, pumpkin dessert is also an option you can try in Amasra. Prepared by cooking zucchini slices with sherbet, this dessert is light and delicious.

In addition to these special dishes, Amasra has many other Black Sea cuisine flavors. You can find the opportunity to taste these local dishes in the restaurants in the city and

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